The Bloodhound

De St Hubertus hond



We, Fonie De Vadder and Lucia Van Buggenhout, live in Belgium (2870 Puurs).

Our love for dogs goes back to our youth.
Our first dog was a Doberman, followed by several breeds, such as Alaska Malamute, Mastino and an Argentinean dog.  We were looking for the perfect match!  After our Argentinean dog passed away, Fonie wanted to have a bloodhound.  As there was no dog available immediately, we bought a basset hound and called her Louisa.  This breed matched perfectly with a bloodhound.

After a couple of months, the kennel “de la Meute d’Antan” informed us that they had a bloodhound for us.  It was a female, named Faustine; we called her Lisette.
We were very excited to visit her.  It was love at first sight.  She was wonderful.  We were determined; this was the dog for us.

Our basset hound was thrilled with her new playmate.  They are still inseparable.
Our puppy became a beautiful dog.
The results of the dog shows are proof of this (see show) : Luxembourg’s youth champion; Amsterdam’s winner 2007, etc…

Our passion for the bloodhound was born and will not stop quickly!

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